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來自西班牙的Tintica,主人翁Aida於2015年時,在YouTube創立一個頻道Lanátika ,分享染線的各種技巧和內容。雖然一開始很喜愛化學染,但後來沈浸在植物染的緩慢步調,進而做推廣。




My name is Aida.
I am Spanish, I am 32 years old and I have been knitting for 13 years.
In 2015 I opened a channel on YouTube called Lanátika where I share techniques and tutorials in Spanish. I am fascinated by the fact that technology allows us to learn so much and unite us as knitters.
My passion for the world of wool has almost inevitably led me to dyeing. I started dyeing with acid dyes and ended up immersed in the fantastic world of natural dyes. Although I like acid dyes very much, I feel that I connect more with the slow rhythm of natural dyes.
I am very excited to be a bridge between a sheep and your skein.

植物染材料包Natural Dye Kits

  • 購買前請依據個人編織喜好做選擇,極簡生活不做推薦。



  • 一絞 100g/300m 100% SW Merino原色羊毛線




    The kit contains all necessary materials and instructions for dyeing:

    ·One high quality skein (100g/300m). 100% extrafine merino sw 
    ·Varied dyeing material
    ·A book with a Basic Guide of Natural Dyes on Wool and Recipe for dyeing with this materials


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