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英國Clothes Doctor這個品牌,他們的經營理念是,推廣慢時尚(Slow Fashion)及環境友善(Eco Friendly),努力延續各種衣物的使用壽命,除了提供衣物修補的服務,還提供一些可以延續衣物壽命的環境友善產品。


這款毛衣專用保護噴霧(薰衣草/百里香) Knitwear Mist in Lavender and Theme,使用薰衣草,百里香的天然味道,噴在珍貴的克什米爾或羊毛衣,除了有抗菌功效,還可以防範衣蛾傷害衣物,延續衣物的使用壽命。


Our No 14 Knitwear Mist in Lavender and Thyme is here to help a fellow wool and cashmere lover get the most out of your knits, for years to come.

The light floral notes of lavender and thyme are perfect for bringing a touch of the Mediterranean herb garden to your wardrobe. Our carefully crafted scent is delicate and nostalgic, but also hated by moths and sure to keep them away.

Spray regularly onto your precious garments for an instant but long-lasting refresh, and when finished, keep the atomiser head to reduce waste and use on your next bottle. Plus, the cleansing agents in the spray mean you don't have to wash your knitwear as often, which is fantastic for the longevity of your favourite pieces.


毛衣保護專用噴霧_薰衣草/百里香(含噴頭)No.14 Knitwear Mist in Lavender and Thyme

  • 250ml/瓶



  • 照片中的產品盡量忠實呈現,但仍以實物為準,購買前請仔細斟酌,因數量有限,售出後無法退換,敬請見諒。



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