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這本編織書是由Laine所出版,由Claudia Quintanilla擔任設計,內容主要為兒童所需的衣物及配件,共有25個織圖,非可愛又實用!




52 Weeks of Easy Knits includes 52 uncomplicated knitting patterns, ranging from beanies, mittens and scarves to sweaters, socks and cardigans. The designs are fun, cosy and modern, but above all, they are a pleasure to knit.

編織書Making Memories


  • 照片中的顏色盡量忠實呈現,但仍以實物為準,購買前請仔細斟酌,因數量有限,售出後無法退換,敬請見諒。

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