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Gudrun Johnston是知名的費爾島編織設計師,兒時和媽媽Patricia Johnston住在Shetland 島,媽媽也是知名的費爾島編織設計師,創立The Shetland Trader這個品牌,銷售自己設計編織的作品。之後媽媽過世,Gudrun移居美國,延續媽媽的編織設計,也時常與Shetland 的線材供應商合作,設計織圖,每年也參與Shetland Wool Week的設計。


多年前Gudrun已經出版The Shetland Trader Book 1 & 2,經過非常多年後,終於由Pom Pom 出版The Shetland Trader Book 3,這本書的主題是Heritage,主要是受到媽媽在70年代的設計啟發,書中11個織圖,風格復古,非常漂亮讓人驚艷!真的不容錯過!


Gudrun Johnston joins forces with Pom Pom Press for the latest instalment of her Shetland Trader series. This third volume explores the very roots of the series: the made-to-order knitwear business run in the 1970s by Patricia Johnston, Gudrun’s mother, which operated as The Shetland Trader.

Through archival research and a network of family, friends, and fibre enthusiasts, Gudrun has unearthed some of her mother’s best-loved designs and updated them for contemporary knitters. This collection contains 11 patterns for garments and accessories. Use them to create seventies-inspired dream ensembles as well as heirloom pieces incorporating traditional Shetland knitting techniques and motifs.


編織書The Shetland Trader Book 3


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