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英國Clothes Doctor這個品牌,他們的經營理念是,推廣慢時尚(Slow Fashion)及環境友善(Eco Friendly),努力延續各種衣物的使用壽命,除了提供衣物修補的服務,還提供一些可以延續衣物壽命的環境友善產品。


這款衣物去污劑 Tought Love Stain Removal,為粉末形式,可用於去除一般衣物的髒污,染色等,去污效果很好又不會讓衣物褪色,但不可用於羊毛,絲,皮革等材質的衣物,或者木頭或金屬的表面。




Indulge in that chocolate bar, enjoy that glass of red wine, let your kids get dirty in the grass and mud, and worry no more about your wardrobe. No.10 is a powerful stain removal treatment, or as we like to call it, ‘power powder’, that gives your clothes some tough love. 
From resilient to greasy, mould to mildew, it removes all sorts of stains... and won’t fade colour-fast fabrics. We just love it because it’s kinder to the environment than chlorine-based stain treatments, is totally plastic-free, and of course, is super effective at lifting stains.

衣物去污劑 No.10 Tough Love Stain Removal

  • 250g/瓶



  • 照片中的產品盡量忠實呈現,但仍以實物為準,購買前請仔細斟酌,因數量有限,售出後無法退換,敬請見諒。



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