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針線盒(男士圖案)Men's Sewing & Repair Kit

  • 充滿設計感的金屬針線盒,內容包含一支小剪刀,針,鈕釦,襯衫領片,布襯,線。

    Sewing kit for men "Je vais en découdre" - Exclusive design from BOHIN France. Really convenient !

    This kit in a metal box is perfect for first sewing help at home or during your travels. Especially designed for men: with collar stay and buttons to repair falling buttons or other shirts injuries. The color of the sewing thread plait is adapted to men wardrobe. To offer or for yourself... for a teenager who lives at home... for a traveler... it’s the perfect gift!

    In the kit : -Sharps needles for ordinary sewing -1 needle threader -4 buttons -2 collar stay -1 embroidery scissor -1 hemming web tape -1 sewing thread plait.

  • 因進口數量有限,購買前請仔細考慮,售出後恕無法退換貨,敬請見諒。

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