Irene Hoos在歐美非常有名氣,她到新加坡後,用二個兒子的名字Ko和El創立了Koel Magazine,內容都和生活風格相關,包括居家裝飾,編織,手作等等,風格簡約簡潔,非常適合喜歡手作的朋友。第8期是目前最新出版的。


Koel Magazine 第8期介紹:

Now is the time to step up your yarn game and go completely off pattern. KOEL Issue 8 brings more to the table than ever before with intricate patterns, bolder color choices and lots of creative ways to add texture to your yarn projects. Our newest issue unifies fiber art, interior design and lots of flora inside 176 pages of refreshing content and stunning photography. KOEL is definitely back, bigger and better.

Push those color boundaries. Abandon minimal interior design with Wendy Viel's vibrant crochet lamps. Play around with different yarns to create your own macramé ropes.

Knitwear designer Joanne Storie teaches us how to stitch up an exquisite cardigan. Master the diamond twill weave technique in no time at all, just stick to Lindsey Campbell’s pattern guide.

A secret garden awaits. Botanical-themed embroidery patterns by Irene Saputra and Kasia Jacquot, and knotted flower bouquets that suit any modern interior.

There’s much more, your imagination is in for a rich treat - organic ceramic shapes moulded by Kristine Thenman and abstract punch needle designs by Lucy Rowan.

Think twice before throwing out unwanted items. Embroiderer Vorn Vann shows us how to upcycle and bestow a new purpose upon unused products.

A new KOEL series - we've put together a handy guide on choosing the right yarns for your projects, making those tough choices a whole lot more fun and easy. Only the best for our readers, of course.

Enjoy KOEL!



Koel Magazine Vol. 8

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