Irene Hoofs在歐美非常有名氣,她用二個兒子的名字Ko和El創立了Koel Magazine,內容都和生活風格相關,包括居家裝飾,編織,手作等等,風格簡約簡潔,非常適合喜歡手作的朋友。第8期是目前最新出版的。


Koel Magazine 第2期介紹:


The Color Issue

We are back with more yarn goodies, patterns (this time we took it up a notch!) and home styling inspirations to prepare your home for the new season. In our second issue, we take a daring move to introduce some neons into our designs (yes, neons!), experimented with hand dyeing our own yarns (which we will teach you how) and talked to some giants in the industry like Karen Barbé, Arounna Khounnoraj and Hermine Van Dijck. We will also take you on a global tour to places that are embracing the yarn movement and the koel-est concept shops around. Are you sitting on the edge of your seats already? We will keep the rest a secret until you have purchased your copy!

Enjoy KOEL!



Koel Magazine Vol. 2

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