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美國Knitter's Pride品牌是編織圈最知名的工具品牌,產品系列非常多,讓不同編織習慣的人可以有不同的選擇。


捲線傘架的產品描述:Make a skein or un-wind a skein, with the charming wooden yarn swift! With a super-smooth finish for quick and snag-free rotation, this swift enables you to wind a skein (or unwind) it into a yarn cake in no time. Designed in our all-time favorite natural beech wood, it is sure you provide you a classy look.



木製捲線傘架 Wooden Yarn Swift_Natural

  • 購買前請依據個人編織喜好做選擇,極簡生活不做推薦。



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