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Filcolana sells high quality woollen yarns for hand knitting, crochet and more. We monitor our products from start to finish, which means that we buy up the best wool and then have it spun on the best spinning mills around the world. The yarn is then dyed, wound into balls, given ball bands and shipped to our warehouse in Kjellerup, Denmark. From here it is ready to be shipped out of our retailers: the local yarn stores in Denmark as well as abroad. 




  • 成分 100% Peruvian Highland Wool
    碼重50g approx. 175m 
    針號suggested needle size 3.5-4.0mm


  • 照片中毛線的顏色盡量忠實呈現,但仍以實物為準,購買前請仔細斟酌,因數量有限,售出後無法退換,敬請見諒。

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